Location 56, Matsuo Jingatanichō, Nishikyō-ku, Kyoto, 615-8286, Japan
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From Kyoto Station(京都駅)

  • ・Kyoto Bus (Line 73) approx. 60 min, 3 min walk from
    “Kokedera, Suzumushi-dera ” (苔寺・すず虫寺バス停) station
  • ・Taxi approx. 20 min (approx. 2,500〜3,000 JPY)

From Arashi-yama(嵐山方面)

  • ・Kyoto bus (Line 73 or 63) 15 min, 3 min walk from “Kokedera,
    Suzumushi-dera” (苔寺・すず虫寺バス停) station
  • ・Taxi approx. 10 min (approx. 1,200 JPY)

From Osaka(大阪方面)

  • ・35 min via Hankyu Railway Kyoto line, 12 min by taxi (approx. 1,200 JPY)
    from “Katsura” (桂駅) station
Parking We do not have a parking lot.
There is a coin parking close by, however it can get very crowded depending on the time and so we recommend coming by public transportation or taxi.

2020.3.3:”Winter Visit” from January to March in 2020 has ended.
Details on the future plans will be announced around October in 2020.

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