our admission
During the normal season (spring, rainy season, summer, autumn), we open as follows, and in winter, we open as "Winter Visit".
We are open in the morning around 10:00 a.m., but it is not possible to specify a visit time because there may be changes with the hours without notice.
  • We are closed on August 14th, December 30th and December 31st every year.
  • Reservations only. Please checkthe reservation sectionfor details.
Fee 3,000 JPY per person (Cash only)
All visitors must be at least 12 years old or older from the visit.
Please bring a calligraphy brush for copying sutra (or you may buy the brush at Saihoji temple).
Contents Visit to the garden, after the religious rituals at the Hondō.
※The sutras are written on the paper and visitors trace them. Even beginners can easily experience shakyo (copying sutra).
Visit duration Depends on each visitor, but most take 60 minutes.
Seats There are a few seats available at the Hondō, no pre-reservations.
Although it is common to sit in “seiza”, it is not required.

2020.3.3:”Winter Visit” from January to March in 2020 has ended.
Details on the future plans will be announced around October in 2020.

@Akira Nakata